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S- Summary:
Tomatoes are awesome, for at harvest time there is nothing better to eat than a tomato. In a deeper sense, it represents what normal things mean to people in need of them.

S- Shifts:
Shifts from talking about tomatoes to talking about other foods, such as onions, oil, pepper, parsley, and potatoes.

T- Title:
It is a dedication to the humble tomato, which even though is depreciated by common people, it is treasured by others.

T- Theme:
People must esteem everything in life, as insignificant as it may seem.

I- Imagery:
"Summer light is halved like a tomato" = Day parted in half, it is noon.
"Tomato invades the kitchen" = Tomatoes are everywhere.
"It sheds its own light" = Tomatoes radiate with beauty.
"We must murder it" = Exaggerating the slicing of tomatoes.
"It is wed to the clear onion" = It complements the taste of onions nicely.

C- Connotations:
"Red viscera" = Guts (Violent).
"Fiery color" = Vibrant, passionate.
"Bubble vigorously" = Bubble aggressively.
"Hemispheres" = Makes a tomato seem large and monumental.

C- Conflict:
Man vs. Nature - Pablo expresses his love towards tomatoes.
Man vs. Man - In this poem, tomatoes indirectly represent the common man, causing Pablo to indirectly have a conflict with man.

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