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By Nicolas V.

I wish I had known you better,
You had an acumen for singing, however,
Your mouth is a secret love letter,
Sealed forever.

I can see you, even though you're not here.
I can hear you, even though you're not talking anywhere near.
I can feel you, even though you're gone now, dear.

People made fun of you, so you used to hide,
But to me, you are a watermelon,
Rough and ugly on the outside,
But on the inside sweet and nice, not a felon.

I thank you for the things you taught me,
Especially, how to dance.
When I dance like you I feel free
I wish you were here, I wish life gave you a second chance.

I thought the media was just trying to confuse,
To spread gossip during a hot and sticky day in June,
But later came the terrible news,
That you had passed away at noon.

Your daughter's words at your funeral touched me,
Like Michelangelo made Adam touch God,
I felt a connection to you through the TV,
It was rather strange and odd.

I will continue dancing for as long as I am able to,
I understand that life is a cycle,
And your death, we cannot undo,
Oh, dear Michael.

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